You should understand, you need someone to represent you, not the seller and of course there is no charge. Learn if there is, and if you might qualify for grants in certain areas. There is a lot to know. Keep in mind you need someone to explain to you all of the paperwork you will see and the obligations you might have. These are legal documents that you have to understand.
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  • If you are looking to rent or lease, please fill this out. Click on the following link to begin the National Tenant Network Credit & Eviction Summary and Criminal Background Screening for credit approval which is mandatory. $35 per person payable by credit card is required.
  • It will ask for the name of your Real Estate Agent, make sure to include my name: Robert Sachs Once completed, please notify me so I may request the completed report.
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    Accepting wire and disbursement instructions by email is dangerous, especially changes to those instructions. Any wire instructions received by email will be reviewed and confirmed with a call to the originator of the email using our previously known contact information prior to sending funds. For your own protection: DO NOT WIRE ANY FUNDS WITHOUT CONSULTING/CONFIRMING WITH YOUR TITLE COMPANY AND/OR ATTORNEY!!!